5 insights about how Open Innovation can propel you work with Lean

Fredrik Fjellstedt Fredrik Fjellstedt became the first person outside Japan who attained Master Trainer in the methodology Toyota uses in its lean work of officials. In a collaboration between Idea Hunt and Frederick's DXC Consluting you have to bring some insights on how you can use open innovation to get more out of your Lean work. This is a collaboration between Idea Hunt and DXC Consluting.

It requires a certain volume of ideas to find the really smart solutions. With open innovation, the customer becomes a part of the solution, he is allowed to have a voice in the process of continual improvement.

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About Idea Hunt and DXC Consulting

Idea Hunt is a digital platform for open innovation and idea management. It can be tailored to suit your brand. We make it easy to engage employees, customers and partners in your lean work. 

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DXC Consulting is run by Fredrik Fjellstedt which has more than 10 years experience in the Toyota Material Handling. Over the years, Fredrik has trained and coached over 1,000 people in lean and continuous improvement.

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